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The president's verbal approach to any topic is one of constant discussion in need of discourse analysis. There are those that applaud Trump's rhetoric as straightforward and view as a necessity in today's climate of information overload; whereas others argue Trump's tone is disingenuous and blatantly disrespectful to all, irrespective of one's beliefs and feelings.

 There is however, a deeper concern in the sense that we now find ourselves debating these topics at all. The office of President has always carried perceived limits on its tone and voice as a disciplined representation of the people it serves. This president's rhetoric goes without restraint. Is this a reflection of the man himself or reflective of a larger cultural shift of the nation as a whole to speak whatever, whenever irrespective of consequences? NEWSCHASER: The Rhetoric of Trump, Essays and Commentaries provides the first deep dive into the intricacies and nuances of the nation's 45th President's voice.  

—Dr. F. Kendrick, Howard University

NEWSCHASER: Rhetoric of Trump, Essays and Commentaries is a MUST read. Not since The Truth About Trump by Michael D'Antonio has a book more candidly explored the tactics and strategies used by Donald Trump to sway the American populace. All truth seekers are encouraged to read this book as it is not fake news. 

-Marc A. Medley
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the Rhetoric of Trump in Essays and Commentaries

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