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Multi-Purpose Initiative

Our educational publishing initiative can be used as an:

  • Evaluator
  • Assist with Alignment of Student Success and Achievement
  • An Effective Means of Analyzing Performance and Measurable Objectives        
  • Build Critical Thinking and Oratory Skills
  • Provide a Lifelong Achievement
  • Identify Where Students Need Improvement

Corporate Publishing

  • Cooperative publishing consists of handbooks, manuals, and training materials.
  • Don't wait! We are here to partner with you and help realize your vision.

It is time to be heard|

Time to stand tall|

Time to make an impact|

Time to take the baton|

The race is not over|

The seed planted|




We Immortalize the work of prominent scholars.  We transcend norms, build, communities of agency assertion! We have a responsibility to the collective.  We are Today's Scholars. We shadow the footprints and stand on the shoulders of legacy!


UWP for the Professorial or Professional development!

Education is not always consecutive.  Family sometimes precedes a degree, and a major employment opportunity or promotion may depend on your ability to multitask seeking Post-Secondary education as a non-traditional student.  In today’s fast pace and diverse technological enhancements, being competitive in today’s work force might mean going back to college later in life, or finally publishing your graduate thesis or dissertation that could give you the edge in that coveted job application.  The journey to higher education looks different for everyone. The paradigm has shifted.  We Get It!

You have EARNED IT! Let us PUBLISH IT! Honor your hard work with a true final copy. Increase visibility|Enhance Marketability|Compete! Why Wait? It's your work. Let it WORK FOR YOU!