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The Cheyanne Book Series is a GREAT way to start the conversation with your child.  Your young scholar may be struggling in school or need some motivation.  Imagine your child see things in a different way or communicate and express more imaginatively or artistically.  Wouldn’t you like to know that there is an option that will work with your child to utilize the skills already learned in school to help them shine? What if it doesn’t have to be a novel or picture book? What if they want to write about Math and Science or Physics or Chemistry? Imagine a great approach to helping other students understand Algebra or Biology?


A FREE children's books program publishing books written by youths children and young adults 3rd-12th grade. A unique opportunity for students to apply what they learn in the classroom, with their own natural creativity to become Published Authors! This program is open to all middle and high school students with the recommendation from their guidance counselor with their submission and "Dear Editor" letter about why they should be published.  The Cheyanne Book Series is our Signature Publishing Genre. The program is meant not just to have young adults write stories. It takes them beyond the surface to help build strategic, analytical and creative skills to prepare them for high academic achievement.

UWP believe that this is the quintessential core of peer education.  Adults use this method in business and negotiations.  This process is used in corporate America and in schools; some teachers ask students who have grasp the material to assist their classmate, or come up with fun ideas and creative means to teach through group work.  The CBS program was designed with this in mind.  Education + Communication through publishing = a unique model of achievement success.

Best of all, your child when published, get the opportunity to earn money towards their college education.  Contact Us!  We are going to make a powerful team in your scholar’s potential!


Building pride; expanding self-esteem and confidence; bridging the gap between the financial world and the world of being a carefree young adult and possibly take some of the pressure of from parents to pay for college expenses.  Through our program, if a child is able to publish, their books will be available for sale through mainstream selling channels, while partnering with parents and guardians, to help build life long financial learning.  This is OUR way of giving back!