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UWP strives to enhance literacy and education, while broadening our worldview through shared information and cooperative learning.  Our book publishing approach is original, inventive, innovative, sustaining and empowering. We endeavor to capture the essence and genius of who we are collectively. We bridge a gap between mainstream publishing, education, and scholastic works in our community.


UWP strives to enhance literacy to broaden worldviews through collective research; using interdisciplinary theories with an emphasis on African centered ideologies in a community of scholars.

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UWP is an outlet for voices that transcend the traditional; asserting agency across the diaspora, bridging gaps between mainstream publishing, educational and scholastic works.


Is a unique approach to children learning.  Contact us today to see how we ignite the minds of young scholars by tapping into their imagination.  When children learn from each other, they grow exponentially!

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Scholars depend on the Educational Publishing experience At UWP LLC. 

We are focused on a broad range of Educational Publishing in order to meet the needs of a niche group of authors within the realm of academia.  Here at UWP, Professional Educators, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Political Enthusiast, Philosophers and all manner of creative theorist are welcome at Universal Write Publications. We have created an artistic space inspired for and by free minds and are open to ideas to enhance our own growth and development as we endeavor to meet the needs of those we serve.

Universal Write Publications LLC is trending a new type of publishing for the academy in the age of the New Millennium.  Our scholars are leaders of Social Change; Visionaries in Social Science and Global Change Makers!

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Transcending the Classroom

UWP is an extension of the classroom.  Our team's expertise in teaching, publishing, reading, writing, and literature helps you to seamlessly combine education with the experience of the publishing process.


UWP secures our legacy through a global lens of leaders, visionaries and history makers, providing full scale publishing, succession planning and the sustainability of knowledge.