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Our Mission


We are an outlet for those whose voices transcend the traditional; the assertion of agency across the diaspora in order to bridge the gap between mainstream publishing, educational and scholastic works.

​Our Goals.  Our Integrity. Our Passion.

publishing think-tank


To secure the legacy through a global lens of leaders, visionaries and history makers, by providing services for full scale publishing, succession planning and the sustainability of knowledge.

UWP strives to enhance literacy and education, while broadening our worldview through shared information and cooperative learning.  Our book publishing approach is original, inventive, innovative, sustaining and empowering. We strive to use publishing as a unique qualitative means of accomplishing personal and professional goals for academic entities, educational development programs, individuals and corporations. From our children to our parents, we endeavor to capture the essence and genius of who we are collectively. We are an outlet and platform for those whose voices transcend the traditional. We bridge a gap between mainstream publishing, education, and scholastic works in our community.


UWP strives to enhance literacy and education to broaden our worldview through collective research; by using interdisciplinary theories with a emphasis on Afrocentric ideologies to build a community of scholars.

Focused on Literacy

Our programs are designed not only for the individual author interested in self-publishing poetry, chap books, motivational and inspirational works or guidebooks; we pride ourselves on our relationship with academic institutions, after school programs, non-profits, STEM programs, home school programs and more. We offer traditional children publishing through the Cheyanne book series for secondary school aged children with the opportunity to build on their incremental growth at various learning levels. UWP works hand in hand with teachers and parents; build residual fund raising income for school programs; or start a college fund for motivated young author. If you have an idea, we are here to listen!

Enhance Education
​through Publications

Our mission is to enhance literacy in reading, writing, science, arithmetic, social studies, and art education on a global scale. We create a unique opportunity for growth, inspiration, community, and social development that not only prepares students of all levels and backgrounds to accomplish their scholarly goals, but also attain merit through publication.

Scholars depend on the Educational Publishing experience UWP LLC. 

We provide full services which includes various incentives through publishing initiatives.  We are focused on a broad range of Educational Publishing in order to meet the needs of a niche group of authors within the realm of academia.  Here at UWP, we open the door for Masters and PhD candidates who would like to have their thesis and or dissertations published professionally. Professional Educators, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Political Enthusiast, Philosophers and all manner of creative theorist are welcome at Universal Write Publications. We have created an artistic space inspired for and by free minds and are open to ideas to enhance our own growth and development as we endeavor to meet the needs of those we serve.

Transcending the Classroom

Educational publishing with UWP is an extension of the classroom. Whether using specified curriculum maps or  staying on task with basic needs assessment, your students become published authors using their own ideas, stories, and essays. Our team's expertise in teaching, publishing, reading, writing, and literature helps you to seamlessly combine education with the amazing experience of the publishing process. This results in competent learners who are highly equipped for state exams and daily evaluations and creative inventions. Most importantly, the self-esteem, pride, confidence and accomplishment that develops, take your learner on the path of success!